Essay about Made Up Fairytale

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Hi, Be Our Guest & Be A Part of Our World I know they say that every fairytale starts with “Once upon a time…” but honestly this fairytale happened last week and it won’t be all that magical to tell you. I guess I should probably introduce myself right? Hi, I’m Cinderella. I’m just your average blonde who looses glass slippers at balls. Don’t let me fool you though. This story has absolutely nothing to do with me. I’m just the narrator. It all began last Tuesday when this guy named Ryan met a beautiful girl walking along the pier. I know this just sounds so romantic right? Trust me it gets better. This beautiful girl, well, she didn’t have a name, but let me tell you she was one beautiful person. Ryan, being the typical guy …show more content…
Druggy, who was standing right beside him, just giggled in amusement. Snow on the other hand wasn’t so “giggly” after she was woken up with a blunt forced object. After her vision focused and she realized what was going on she let out a pitiful scream. All seven dwarves were surrounding her. I know sooooooo terrifying. They continued on by interrogating the princess, while she sat there terrified that they could kill her at any moment. She told them that if they let her stay there that she would cook and clean for them. Wow, the more I see it, this girl has no backbone. The dwarves agreed and they all went to sleep. Two days passed, and Snow was actually at wits end with her seven newly found roommates. They treated her like dirt and didn’t respect her at all. She was practically on the verge of moving out. That morning, Lusty approached her with his not so clever pickup lines and practically threw himself at her. It was appalling, let me just tell you. She knew this wasn’t a suitable home for her, so when the guys finally left for their daily mining routine, she packed up what little things she had and bolted. Well, not really bolted, it’s actually quite difficult to run in heels. Halfway through the day, Nerdy, who had dubbed himself the group’s accountant because he wasn’t strong enough to mine all day had come to the calculation that they had reached their quota in just 4 days. In complete shock,

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