Madame Loisel 's ' The Necklace ' Essay

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Madame Loisel’s Misfortune
Through the story “The Necklace”, Guy De Maupassant presents the character of Madame Mathilde Loisel. One evening, Loisel’s husband brings home and invitation to a ball and to the reader’s surprise, Loisel is angry; questioning, “And what do you suppose I am to wear at such an affair.” Likewise, her husband gives her 400 francs to appease her displeasure and buy a new dress. Not long after Madame Loisel bought the dress pleasing to her, Loisel would rather not go to the ball when realizes she does not have a jewel to wear with the dress in support of her rich disguise. After prying more at her husband about the jewel problem, Monsieur Loisel suggests borrowing them from Madame Forestier. Madame Loisel, pleased by the idea, borrows a jewel necklace from her friend. With everything perfected Madame Loisel attended the ball; nonetheless, Madame Loisel is destruct again by the end of the night. The prized necklace Loisel had borrowed vanishes from her neck during the night. Then, in attempt to repay her friend, Madame Loisel and her husband borrow money and spend ten years to mend such immense debt the necklace caused. Shortly after passing of the ten years, Loisel sees Madame Forestier and finds out the 36 thousand francs replacement she bought was unnecessary, as the original necklace was only imitation worthy of only 500 francs. Due to instances like these Madame Loisel has in the short story, the reader can identify the inner character of this…

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