Macy 's A Joint Plan Essay

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Macy 's management has the opportunity to continue stemming the cash drain by reorganizing the company along geographic lines.
• Another retail giant, Federated Department Stores, agreed in the Summer of 1994 to merge with Macy’s so as to create one of the nation 's largest department store chains and further intensify California 's competitive retail environment where Macy’s has most recently found its greatest “land of opportunity.” Federated is assisting Macy’s in the development of a joint plan to help them emerge from its huge downfall. Under the terms of one proposed agreement, Federated would take on most of Macy 's huge $6-billion debt and Macy’s would operate independently under a Federated umbrella giving them an opportunity to grow again.
• Macy’s has acquired and will be re-naming the popular Western retail chain Bullock’s. In their classic tradition, Macy’s is now taking this on as a new opportunity to cater to the discount consumer and compete directly and easily with chains like California’s Robinsons-May chain while leaving ex-competitors like Bloomingdale 's to vie for more upscale customers (White & Apodaca, 1995).
• Since last fall, Macy’s has been running a 24 hour Cable TV shopping channel primarily on the West Coast.
• The fact that Macy’s has managed to successfully acquire Bullock’s and boost its sales performance is phenomenal in light of the company’s recent failures. Much of the pertinent literature remarks in theme that although…

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