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Synthetic Diamonds: Better a diamond with flaws than a pebble without.

Diamonds are essentially made out of carbon atoms. They are solids that can go through the process of high temperature and high pressure. (Pilgrim, 2011) It is known to man that diamonds are the hardest material on the earth. (Sean, 2008) With a melting point of 3550 ℃and a boiling point of 4827 C. As you can see above that diamonds have an extremely high melting point (m.p) and a high boiling point (b.p.) The pressure to produce diamonds are also in extreme conditions, diamonds are produced with a temperature range of 900 and 1300 degrees Celsius. Then put under pressure of 725,000 pounds per square inch. (World of Carbon, n.d.) Diamonds have these properties
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The process essentially heats the diamond up to 2000 degrees Celsius. Using natural gases to substrate into the chamber that is used to make diamonds, allowing it to grow a diamond sheet. For social and economy reasons, diamonds have an alternative name called blood diamonds. Due to the finance issues that occur in war zones, people have fought and died over these diamonds. (Wikipedia contributors, 2011) This causes an impact in the world because the blood diamonds are sold to give revolutionary groups money to operate. Therefore many people have said that they would rather have “clean” diamonds than “dirty” ones. In which the “clean” diamonds meant synthetic diamonds. (James Manzou, n.d.) Diamonds are one of the resources that are shortage too. This is because the increasingly need of diamonds, which creates shortage of diamond workers in the world. (Thompson Finance News, 2007) Which leads onto the problem of shortage of jobs. Especially in third world countries which have financial issues, such as India. Other than that some people don’t like the idea of synthetic diamonds because it is not “pure” as it has been processed in a chemical lab, and according to professional Diamontologist it is known that fracture parts of the diamonds are eventually going to fall out and going to have to be replaced, however mineral diamonds do not have to go through this process. (John Cordova, n.d.) The advantage

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