Essay Macroeconomic Impact On Business Operations

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Macroeconomic Impact on Business Operations
Money supply is the availability of money in the hands of the public (economy) that can be used to purchase goods, services and securities. In macroeconomics, the price of money is equivalent to the rate of interest. There 's an inverse relationship between money supply and interest rates. As money supply increases, interest will decrease. On the other hand, interest will increases as money supply decreases. It is very important to understand that the economy works at market equilibrium. There are several factors affecting money supply; and these contributing factors will be the main focus of this paper. Understanding the basic principle on money supply is imperative to have a good grasp on the macroeconomic impact of money supply on business operations.
The Scenario/Simulation
Here 's the scenario: "Recent global developments have pushed the economy into a slump. Industrial production is sluggish and it has become difficult to stimulate demand. The Real GDP is slipping and though inflation looks to be under control, unemployment seems to be soaring. As the Chairman of the Federal Reserve appointed by the President of Oval Office, an effective control of the money supply has to be done.

Tools that Control Money Supply

The Federal Reserve use several tools like discount rate, federal funds rate, required reserve ratio and open market operations to control the money supply. In the simulation, the effect of controlling the…

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