Macro Personal Reflection

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After gaining a better understanding of Macro practice, in my opinion macro practice does not necessarily mean you’re always indirectly dealing with clients. I still feel macro practice empowers clients by involving them in systemic change. Macro social work looks at the larger picture and how the larger picture works and what is needed to change social injustice for all. I think that social work as a profession is meant to support clients be all they can be and to assist clients to benefit themselves. Macro social work practice has also been described as the indirect practice, distinguishable from the direct micro- and mezzo-focus and action with clients, families and small groups.
In describing how macro practice looks in an agency; there
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My first goal is to use my time more wisely and not procrastinate, by gaining knowledge on using time-management techniques to improve my effectiveness during macro practice class. The competency I feel goes with time management is; 2.1.1b- Practice personal reflection and self-correction to assure continual professional development. However, as I discovered in enhancing my goals in this same competency before I advocate for clients I have to examining my own lack of courage and whether I have the ability to tackle the problem at hand.
Then the second goal was to become aware/ knowledgeable of the resources available in the communities. The core competency that best fits with this goal is; 2.1.9 – Respond to context that shape practice. In pursuing this goal, in my internship I am a part of several groups in the Richmond community that consist of case managers from all over the Richmond area coming together in meetings to share resources and educate one another on helpful sources to better serve the community. The names of these group are the Case manager’s network meeting, SOAR meeting, and case manager meeting with in the

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