Essay on Machiavelli 's The Prince 's Death

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Machiavelli’s The Prince
"The Prince" was published after Nicolo Machiavelli’s death. The book consists of an introduction and twenty-six chapters. Machiavelli discussed the question of the state power on. He aimed to analyze the historical experience on the example of the conquests of Alexander the Great. Trying to describe the essence of the state, he outlined his vision of the role of citizens in the state and strength criteria for a given power. Several chapters were devoted to the role of the Church and the army in the state because they are considered to be an important bulwark of any ruler. In the end, Machiavelli came to the subject of the personal characteristics of the ruler which takes the most part of the work. It is important to take into account the circumstances and the reasons for creating “The Prince” and to discard the "extremes" of the era while paying attention to the rational component of this work.
According to Machiavelli, the ideal ruler supposed to be mean, treacherous, clever, brave, active and determined people cruel, causing fear and respect among the cast. The avarice Machiavelli meant the rejection of luxury and excessive spending which not only devastated the treasury but also corrupted the ruler himself. It is difficult to assess the cruelty from the standpoint of the late Middle Ages and the present, however, under in the "The Prince”, the cruelty understood as the uncompromising struggle against political opponents, until the complete…

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