Machiavelli 's Influence On The World Essay

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Machiavelli came from a family of Florentine officials, though was never a outright citizen of Florence, due to the rules of the republic staging him as an outsider. The era in which Machiavelli had entered was one of common invasions by neighboring powers such as Rome, other city-states. The need for power came from the neighbors of Italy such as the Holy Roman Empire, France and Spain to control the region. The constant fluctuations in the newly formed Political-military alliances continually led to the change of loyalty instituting the rise and fall of many ruling governments. The world and times that Machiavelli was coming into was a strong factor to his view on how his vision of how Florence should be constructed later in life. The instability of the region had allowed for this new ideology within Florence to take shape, to see a strong need for a leader that could bring Florence to stability again.
Machiavelli was taught in the ways of a Humanist scholar, learning the ideals of the past that were spreading throughout all of Italy . When Florence reestablished as a republic under the guidance of Savonarola, the ruling Medici class was expelled. Though after Savonarola was imprisoned and then executed for his crimes of heresy towards the papacy, Machiavelli was assigned a position in the chancery, which gave him the power to produce government documents for Florence. It was with these set of events that allowed Machiavelli to put his plans for Florence into effect,…

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