Human Nature Of Government

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The Human Nature and its Relation with the Existence of a Government

Politics is everywhere. As a matter of fact, it can be synonymous with authority, conflict and competition. When one has power, he has the ability to let others follow his schema. Sometimes, one seeks to acquire and maintain power to the extent that he competes with the others which later on results to conflict. This idea is still evident nowadays. However, our world has a different view and taste in politics at this instant. Today, politics have become a much bombarded term. It has a mixture of what once was, what is, what is to be. Politics is directly associated with corruption, killing, vote-buying, ill-gotten wealth, lack of political will, and the like. Politics per
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A very responsive government does not only protect the rights of its people but it also promotes the general welfare of the latter. Primarily, the government exists because the people created it. It is a mechanism where the affairs of the state are enforced and are regulated. It is the agency of the state by which its will is formulated, expressed, and is brought into reality. Our present type of government and politics has evolved over time. We have different types of government—may it be presidential or parliamentary, unitary or federal, or a government that upholds a democratic society. But there is still one question that remains to be answered despite all of these progress and alteration. Hence, it is the paramount yearning of this paper to assess the relationship of the human nature with the government and its establishment. Furthermore, this paper argues that the human nature and behavior of …show more content…
Machiavelli considers that a ruler governs his constituents using different strategies, considering that people have different personalities and interests. The ruler uses variety of emotions like love, hatred, fear, and cruelty. People behave well when they are governed well. For Machiavelli, a ruler must know when to apply law and when to apply violence and inflict fear. When one is obedient and is submissive to the policies promulgated, the law must apply. If one is behaving like a brute, stringent discipline must be made in order to inflict fear and reverence. Likewise, Machiavelli believes that when a ruler gains the trust and love of the people, it is expected that the latter will support him and his end for the advancement of the good of the society. This is how a person maintains political power. However, Locke criticizes Machiavelli’s work. For Locke, the government should encompass the manner of fair play and equity. In order for the government to survive, it must serve the best interest of the people. If it is not addressing the needs of the people, then the citizens have all the right to rebel and overthrow the government. Locke who believes that people are inherently good shares the same sentiment with Machiavelli who, on the other hand, believes that people should be controlled because there are inclinations that they become selfish and greedy. Locke

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