Machang Village Case Study

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Fig. 14. The viaduct bridge takes large area of cultivated land in Yang Po Village of Qian Yang County
3.6. Village infrastructure is backward, the internal function does not satisfy the modern life
With the improvement of people’s living standard, residents who living the gully region of the Loess Plateau own more requirements for their life. However the original cave dwellings cannot meet their requirements due to the backward infrastructure, such as communication, water supply, power supply, heating and so on. There are also other environmental problems, for example: improper waste disposal is very serious.
However, comparing with the original cave dwellings, there are also lots of problems for the new built village, such as single house
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16. Terrace on the roof of the cave dwelling in Changwu County
4.3. Continuation the spatial layout features of traditional villages
During the developing process, influenced by the natural geographical conditions, and folk customs, gully villages formed their geographical features. People use limited flat ground to build houses, the main form of traditional residential buildings are cave-dwellings and immature soil houses, which lived by local residents are fully combined with the topography of the gully region and use the local cheap and environmental protecting building materials Fig.17.

Fig. 17. (a) The cave-dwelling in Machang Village; (b) Immature soil houses in Machang Village
However, during the construction of new socialist rural areas, more and more villages completely neglect the spatial characteristics of their original villages. Instead, to pursue the convenience of construction and operation, they take the extensive mode of construction, which completely abandoned the original residential courtyard, and use the modern high energy consumption, high pollution building materials. The layout of the new resettlement areas in some villages is simple as the same barracks Fig.18. Construction in such a new way seemingly improves village appearance, in fact causes a lot of resources and energy consumption, takes up a lot of land, and destroys the natural ecological

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