Macgregor Leadership Style

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In order to make BM survive, MacGregor had to continue to fire the staff in BM. Indeed, it hurt staff's benefits, interests and feelings as well. But it was necessary and the most effective way to balance the book at that time. In addition, MacGregor engaged the public with several exhibitions, in which it highlighted the power and wisdom of ordinary people. MacGregor kept delivering the concept that BM belongs to everyone. And it did help to strengthen the connection with the public. As for the visitors, MacGregor devoted himself to finding ways to make it much easier for the visitors to see less but valuable objects since there are too much masterpiece there and visitors could feel overwhelmed easily. Besides, MacGregor worked well with the …show more content…
The former more focus on flexibility. At first, the leader gives more freedom and power to the staff, and he performs less. When the time goes by, the leader starts to cooperate and perform more. The latter style it just the opposite. MacGregor is an excellent leader as everyone knows. In my point of view, his style belongs to the empowering one. He gave much flexibilities to the staff and freedom to make the decisions by themselves. They moved faster than before. MacGregor also rebuilt the moral by putting himself into their work and daily life. Working with this charming leader made the staff motivated and feel proud. He was available to every question and proposal, and he gave enough room to let staff reach their potential. MacGregor was a great leader. Under his help, BM changed completely from an old-fashioned and lifeless institution into Britain's most popular cultural attraction. In the staircase model, we can see the difference. From the graph, without MacGregor's leading, the number of visitors declines and ultimately led to the downfall. However, it could be another different story under MacGregor's management . Strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff and skills are in harmony. All seven parts align together towards the same goal. On the other hand, I understand the situation in which MacGregor was at that time. If possible, there should be some solutions for the layoff problem. Staff could still work in BM without worrying about losing their jobs and BM could change its negative financial status at the same time as long as MacGregor could find better solution. For example, these staff can be assigned with promotion projects or other work to create more value. Layoff is indeed a good way to save money, but human resource is of great value to BM at that time to change its situation as

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