Macbook Air Vs. Something Better: Case Study

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The purpose of this report is to change the consumer preference by the development of a new value proposition and marketing mix of the high involve product; the MacBook Air by Apple against its closer competitor Samsung Ativ 9 Plus, to be targeted at a specific segment according to Roy Morgan called “Something Better”.

A controlled communication landscape with the consumer has emerged reflecting in the impact of consumer buying process. As a result the outcome is declining affecting directly marketing activity. This paper attempts to explain how the implementation of an integrated Marketing Mix strategy with focus on communication strategy, which is specifically designed to ensure that all messaging and all channels are centred around how
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Analyzing the current performance of the brand previously selected by the consumer and the performance of the MacBook Air (See appendix 4) the strategy should be focused in penetration and expansion into the current market in order to increase the customers.
4.3. Positioning

Apple has positioned itself to a certain type of customer clearly related to “Something Better” segment such as wealthy people, innovators, people with good jobs, good lifestyle (, 2015).
According to Perceptual map (Appendix 3) as compared to its competitors, Apple has high quality and high price whilst the other brand have been placed beyond it. Apple has known how to take advantage over its competitors mistakes to positioning, it does not mean that Apple did not have experienced problems however it has been successful in avoiding controversies and also cultivating customer satisfaction by facing open and transparently of its problems and fixed all its issues (Kottolli, 2011).
5. The proposed consumer change preference strategy

5.1. MacBook Air’s Value

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