Macbeth Hypocrisy Analysis

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Macbeth died of reasons that find their cause solely in him. His ambition, abdication of family roles, hypocrisy, and break away from community ultimately lead to his death. Macbeth’s ambition made him commit heinous crimes for power. Using her husband’s ambition for her won advantage, Lady Macbeth gained too much influence over Macbeth and used this to goad him farther into sin and finally to the point of abdicating all his marital roles. Macbeth’s hypocrisy changed what he believed for worse. These reasons caused Macbeth to become paranoid, breaking away from the community around him and driving him further into sin. Macbeth died only because of himself, but his demise could have been avoided if he calmed his ambition before it overtook him.
When the Weïrd Sisters gave Macbeth a prophecy
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Lady Macbeth knew Macbeth’s dangerous desires, and she knew she could influence him to seize the throne by power. “Hie thee hither, that I may pour my spirits in thine ear and chastise with the valor of my tongue…” (1.5.28-30) Here, Lady Macbeth plans on guiding Macbeth to go through with a violent plan, and she does this by guilt tripping him. Once Macbeth and his lady discuss how the murder of the king will go down, Macbeth gets cold feet and wants to back out. Lady Macbeth accuses her husband of being a coward and not loving her, saying, “From this time such I account thy love. Art thou afeard to be the same in thine own act and valor as thou art in desire?” (1.7.42-45) She guilt trips him by saying that if he truly loved her, he would follow her plan without hesitation. If Macbeth could keep control of his wife, he would reject her plan because he should know that nothing good can come from it. But instead, Macbeth allows Lady Macbeth to gain too much influence over him. Lady Macbeth also changed what Macbeth believes a man should be

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