Macbeth Movie Analysis

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The movie version Macbeth and the original Macbeth

Macbeth was William Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy and it was also his most popular tragedy. It was usually known as William Shakespeare’s most evilly described and most impressive tragedy. Many people tried to rewrite Macbeth because of its greatness again and again in history. These rewrites present different things to audiences in terms of writers ’or directors ’different understanding of the original Macbeth.
I watched a movie just called Macbeth which was first released in May 2015 and was directed by Justin Kurzel. This movie got a nomination of Golden Palm in Cannes Film Festival which is a great achievement for a movie.
It is the latest released Macbeth movie so that it certainly
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Old style English made the movie sometimes hard to understand but excellent performance by actors perfectly recovered that. For example, directors gave a lot close-up sequences on Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s great facial expression.
Brave, strong, cruel, arrogant and etc. These aspects made Macbeth undoubtedly the most heroic hero in Shakespeare 's tragedy, and is also one of the most classic tragedy hero. The traditional reviews often characterize Macbeth as a typical of "the tragedy of own character" and they think his downfall was caused by reckless and all kinds of desire. Kuzel 's "Macbeth" is another way to use unique film language to dig the protagonist 's psychological world. Director focused on Macbeth very much. This also makes the structure of the changes, the other roles in the film except Macbeth are somewhat limited.
The biggest change of this film version is to join Macbeth 's kids. At the beginning of the film, it shows people the funeral of Macbeth 's daughter, the couple were very sad about it. Lady Macbeth is the only family members of Macbeth mentioned in the original, and Macbeth 's children did not appear. This film joined a background that Macbeth’s son was killed in the previous war. This not only pave the way for the Macbeth and his son to be jealous, Macbeth adds to the regicide
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One particular scene I noticed was when Macbeth was wavering between whether to kill Duncan or not, his dead son showed up and handed Macbeth a dagger. Although the son did not say anything to Macbeth, people can tell the dead son was urging Macbeth to take action to revenge for him. Not only witches appeared in Macbeth’s illusion as the original book described, but also soul of the dead son went into Macbeth’s mind. On the other side, Lady Macbeth seems to be indifferent towards her kids’ death in most scenes of the film but the funeral of their daughter. Both of them became more and more unreasonable as the story goes. Their crazy actions can be well explained by losing children. In the reality, this kind of tragedy does change couples a lot. What made a hero came back from victory becomes a devil? Childless can be the factor. In addition, not having a child to inherit his position foreshadows why Macbeth killed Banquo and his family. As the movie showed, it directly drove Macbeth killed Duncan in his own hands. A fly in the ointment could be Lady Macbeth seems to be indifferent to her son in the entire movie, if watched and thought carefully, people can find some questions exist. After all, this add-in background makes audiences feel pity for Macbeth and more likely shaped Macbeth as a heroic figure in the film. The first act which is the funeral sets the dark tone

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