Macbeth Literary Essay

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Macbeth Literary Essay

Submitted By: Zachary McGregor May 1st, 2012 I believe that Macbeth is fully responsible for his own destiny because whether or not it was fated, he still chose to do everything he did. We obviously know that Macbeth made some pretty bad decisions over the course of the play. He should be held responsible and forced to pay the consequences of his actions for the following reasons. We know that Macbeth still had the choice of whether or not to murder Duncan, although he was encouraged by the witches’ prophesies and Lady Macbeth he didn’t really have to go through with the murder. We also know that the crimes Macbeth commits are becoming increasingly sinister
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Macbeth is seriously considering murdering Duncan and for the first time in the play we see the dark and evil side of his personality. Macbeth is horrified by the idea to murder the king, but the thought of forfeiting his destiny and displeasing his wife at the same time makes him want to do it even more. “Present fears are less than the horrible imaginings” (Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1, 3, 137-138). We can see that Macbeth is still unsure about murdering Duncan, but it is now apparent that his present fears won’t deter him from committing the crime. “Then you were a man; and, to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man” (Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1, 7, 49-51). Lady Macbeth is angry at Macbeth for not following through with his promise that she will become queen, she is questioning his manliness in an effort to convince him to go through with the murder. Despite the influence he receives from the witches’ prophesies and Lady Macbeth no one actually forces him to murder Duncan, therefore, it is Macbeth and only Macbeth himself who is responsible for the act that changes his destiny. As Macbeth is consumed by greed and ambition his plans for power become increasingly evil and sinister. As he continues to commit crimes it not only becomes more routine and easier for him, but it also reveals his dark side. We can see that Macbeth tries to hide his ambition for power and

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