Macbeth Is The Successor Of King Duncan Essays

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Macbeth is the successor of King Duncan after his vicious death. However, Macbeth was suspected as the murderer of King Duncan and other deaths since Macbeth’s reign. He is prosecuted for four charges: first degree murder of King Duncan and Banquo, second degree murder for the two servants, first degree murder of Lady Macduff and her children, and treason against the country. As a juror, my verdict for Macbeth’s charges of murdering King Duncan, Banquo, Lady Macduff and her children is not guilty. Thus, Macbeth is also not guilty of committing treason against the country because he is not guilty of murdering King Duncan. However, he is guilty of murdering the two servants. Macbeth is convicted for killing the two servants because Macbeth himself, admitted that he murdered the servants, and there was insufficient evidence to justify his crime. Macbeth was asked by the prosecutor what he did after discovering Duncan’s murder, and Macbeth retorted saying “I grabbed the dagger and killed the servants”. Lennox was also present during the time of the murder, acting as an eye-witness to the crime. Many witnesses in the trial who have worked with Macbeth agrees that his actions were irrational. Banquo “didn’t think that he (Macbeth) would kill the guards” and he would have “kept at least one alive for interrogation”. Banquo’s suggestion to keep the guards alive for questioning is rational and is also agreed by Macduff. Lennox witnessed that the “two guards seemed confused”. The…

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