Macbeth Is An Extremely Influential Play Written By William Shakespeare

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Macbeth is an extremely influential play written by William Shakespeare in the early 1600’s. The play follows the rise and fall of Macbeth; a highly ambitious, well liked, and conflicted man on a quest to become king of Scotland no matter what it takes to meet his goal. As the story is quite famous scholars and avid fans of the arts alike have lots of questions about the play. One of the most common arguments about the play is about who is the most responsible for the many deaths in this drama. A typical answer to the question would be that the witches/ his wife are the instigators of the situation so they are the most responsible. Yet, one could argue that although it could be said that the witches are guilty for the murders in Macbeth, in actuality Macbeth is the most responsible for all the death and sadness in this story. Macbeth is the most culpable because he chose to perpetrate or finance the murder of his king, friend, and the families of his adversaries even if it may have been his fate to do so. To prove his fault in each murder one would need to prove that he was capable of and chose to take part in the carnage in this play. Before any argument can be made about why he had a choice in each of his murders one would need to prove that he was capable of killing before he chose to do what he did. If Macbeth wasn’t a man capable of killing before the story began then he was nothing more than a tool used by the people around him. If he was nothing more than a tool then…

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