Macbeth : Evil, Or Unlucky? Essay

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Macbeth: Evil, or Unlucky? Nero, an ancient roman emperor of nearly 14 years, committed many morally reprehensible acts during his reign. Throughout his lifetime, he murdered thousands of individuals, including several members of his own family (Owen). He burned down the city of Rome in its entirety, killing thousands in the process (Owen). Even further, Nero systematically oppressed, tortured, and killed thousands of people simply because of their religious preference. He took pride in his various creative methods of murdering others: impaling, burning, boiling, stabbing, poisoning, and beheading. It wasn’t until the year 68 C.E. that his reign of terror finally ended as he took his own life (Owen). What caused Nero to act in such ways? What motivated him to commit such horrible deeds? Historical documents show that political interests were certainly involved, but modern neuroscience has revealed that the issue of choice runs far deeper than simple extrinsic motivators. Each decision one makes is not a matter of simply choosing one option over several others; rather, the combination of environmental and psychosocial factors with unconscious neurological processes (Myers 11) is what leads individuals to act in certain ways. Such evidence raises the question: does anyone really choose to do anything? Actually we do, its called free will. With all of these factors (over which no one has control) affecting each decision, how can one be sure his choice was his own? In his…

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