Macbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare’s 1606 tragedy, Macbeth, is a drama depicting the destructive unbridled ambition and downfall of the tragic hero, a recognisable human flaw that contributes to the enduring value of the play. Along with the political context, Macbeth highlights that excessive and disproportionate hubris will have terrible, tragic consequences. In the beginning, Macbeth’s ambition has been fuelled by devious characters such as Lady Macbeth and the three witches; this reveals the hamartia of the protagonist and the irreversible perversion of his moral compass. Shakespeare’s intent in this play is to convey the psychological and character impact that comes with excessive power and its abuse, obsession and particularly, ambition. The reader understands in both the play and modern society that enduring values are still relevant, and that our basic and dark human desires can corrupt our individual moral compass, evidence that human nature has not greatly evolved.

A moral compass and the human psyche convey the changes from which Macbeth changes from a nobleman to a demanding tyrant. Macbeth lets his ruthless ambition dominate his moral compass, and he is not naturally inclined to commit violent, immoral acts. With the persuasion of manipulative characters such as the Three Witches and Lady Macbeth, they were able to drive Macbeth into evil destruction which resulted in the death of an almighty and powerful character. The ambiguity of the language used by the “weird sisters”…

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