Essay about Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare 's character, Macbeth, has a ghastly amount of ambition. In the play, “Macbeth,” witches tell Macbeth that he will become king. This statement enhances his ambition and pushes him to kill King Duncan to gain the crown. After the murder Macbeth sees frightful hallucinations and wonders if death is better than suffering from the terror and guilt he feels. He develops paranoia around his determination to keep his unmerited crown. The murder of King Duncan, done at the hands of Macbeth, begins the growth of a traumatizing insanity. Macbeth 's character transpires from a brave and valiant knight, into a tyrannical and monstrous king. Macbeth starts out as an intrepid and loyal military leader. Macbeth is loyal to the king and though he may be brutal in war, he kills because of his passion to aid and show homage to King Duncan. Macbeth cuts Donalbain, the enemy, “from the nave to th’ chops” and decapitates Donalbain to demonstrate bravery (1.2.22). Duncan greets the bloody story of Macbeth killing Donalbain with awe, as he was unaware that Macbeth was brave enough to face Donalbain and skilled enough to slay him (Goddard 2). King Duncan later refers to Macbeth as “valiant” and “worthy cousin” establishing Macbeth as a well-known and respected leader (1.2.24). Macbeth 's actions portray him as a war hero, which was a noble title at the time. Macbeth “at bottom [has] noble intentions” as shown when he continues to fight for Scotland even after he has exhausted…

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