Macbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The feeling of accomplishment, self-pride, and motivation are all beautiful things in life and are what shape one 's character. Without it, the world would simply be a boring place. Ambition is the act or strong desire to achieve or sustain a particular goal in relevance to hard work, dedication, and personal values. Although ambition is a powerful, usually positive experience, it can sometimes mislead one 's values and perspectives into negative, questionable acts. Macbeth, by William Shakespeare is a brilliant short story about a soldier (Macbeth) who becomes deprived of his own assumptions of becoming king, and in the end, is willing to do anything for being crowned Thane Of Cawdor, and then king. William Shakespeare uses symbolism and character development to suggest that influences and change, such as battle, love, and frienship, can greatly affect one 's decisions as seen in Macbeth. Initially, Macbeth is an honest, loyal man to his friends and family. He shows his vulnerability through three of the witches prophecies who predict Macbeths future, and acts on initial instinct responsibly by depleting his thoughts about killing King Duncan. As the play progresses, Macbeth shows his heavily ambitions actions from Lady Macbeth 's “sick” influences and plotting s the murders of King Duncan, Banquo, and three groomsmen. By the end, Macbeth is a changed man. He no longer is stable mentally from the death of his LAdy Macbeth (suicide), and is emotionally unstable, yet…

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