Essay about Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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Throughout Macbeth, author William Shakespeare sets Macbeth up in situations where he must make a decision, which causes him to make immoral decisions based on his lust for power. He murders the devolved King duncan, his own best friend Banquo, and the entire Macduff family, just because they came close to threatening his reign. Each murder causes Macbeth to become more and more obsessed with his title as king. As stated by Ruth L. Anderson, “Ambition had long been identified in its most dangerous form as a force impelling princes to seek kingship, the highest goal attainable on earth.“ This all proves that ambition is what victimizes and destroys Macbeth.
Although imagination destroys Macbeth because the witches put the idea of being king in his head and it causes him to imagine the luxury of what being king could lead to, ambition is what causes Macbeth to commit the murder. The prophecy of the witches is what puts the idea of killing King Duncans in Macbeth 's head, but it was the need for power that drove him to complete the action. According to Joan Hartwig, “The answer does not consider the moral complexities of his preceding soliloquy, but it does answer the only reason he had to murder Duncan - that of ambition.” The witches tell Macbeth that he will be king and then they stop speaking, but he responds with “Stay, you imperfect speakers. Tell me more” (I.iii.73). The diction of “stay” and “tell me” show his high demand of wanting to know more and shows his interest…

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