`` Macbeth `` By William Shakespeare Essay

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A person may be pushed to become an honourable character through various conditions of fear. It is a priceless state of mind that to facilitate one to respect others as well as themselves and takes great willpower, which not everyone is capable of. However this idea is not something that is achieved easily, honor can be easily lost, fear being a contributing factor towards this. For people to believe a person worthy of honor they must go through situations that test their ability to cope with complicated incidents, this makes it hard to support, as one wrong move and it will all disappear. Once a person is honoured it does not mean this will carry on for their entire existence. Their own actions can decide whether they deserve what status they will appear to the rest of the surrounding people. In the play Macbeth, the author William Shakespeare shows that sometimes when people are given the chance to be honourable their desires may overcome their ability to maintain a high-quality reputation, making them execute disturbing things to those they are respected by, and leading to their own death caused by their own ambitions exposing others true fear of that person.
In the beginning of the play, Macbeth displays his honour superbly amongst others. He fights in the Civil War for his own country, which shows great patriotism, and is rewarded accordingly. After the war has surpassed a soldier explains Macbeth’s great defeat of Macdonwald:
Till he faced the slave;
Which ne 'er…

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