Essay on Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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Throughout time, we have seen that too much power has the potential to corrupt a person to become greedy, arrogant and cruel. In the play Macbeth, William Shakespeare portrays the character Macbeth as a loyal and honourable Thane. This changes as he slowly descends into madness after being given the opportunity to gain Kingship by killing his King. Shakespeare uses the character Macbeth and his change throughout the play in order to convey the message that immense power has the potential to corrupt and change even the most honourable man.

In the beginning of the play, Shakespeare portrays the protagonist, Macbeth, as a loyal and respectable man. This is seen when a soldier is telling the King about the recent battle, “For brave Macbeth -- well disdaining fortune, with his brandish’d steel…” This initial portrayal of Macbeth makes him out to be a virtuous man with a good reputation among his comrades, until he meets the witches who prophesize Macbeth becoming King. This prophecy forces a man, who until hearing it would never have thought of killing an innocent man let alone his King, to determine whether murdering his King is worth the gain. This potential power gain makes Macbeth question his once honourable morals, which then makes it easy for his wife, Lady Macbeth, to persuade him into the devious act of murder to fulfil her and his own ambitions. This evidently points out the message to the audience that even just the potential for immense power has the ability to…

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