Macbeth As A Tragic Hero Essay

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Macbeth is a classic Shakespearean play which outlines the rise and eventual fall of a general in Scotland due to his own actions and intentions. The play looks at Macbeth and his path through the royal hierarchy. Ultimately, the path chosen is not the wisest and leads to his drastic demise. A tragic hero is a common element within Shakespearean plays which is a highly esteemed/prosperous main character who falls into misfortune on account of his mistake(s) according to Aristotle. Macbeth accurately demonstrates the specific characteristics of hubris, anagnorisis, and peripeteia. Therefore, Macbeth is considered a tragic hero. Firstly, one of the characteristics of a tragic hero Macbeth demonstrates is hubris. Hubris is when a hero makes a mistake on account of excessive pride. The first time Macbeth displays hubris is when he kills Duncan, the king of Scotland, to fulfill the third prophecy. This is the first of many mistakes leading to his downfall. The quotes, “Let not light see my black and deep desires” (1.4.58), and, “I am afraid to think what I have done; look on’t again I dare not” (2.2.66-67), shows Macbeth’s evil thoughts and confirms his dreadful deed. The rising ambition of Macbeth wanting to fulfill the third prophecy the witches tell him about leads him to committing this mistake. Another exemplar of Macbeth exhibiting hubris is when he believes that nothing can harm him which leads him to become over-confident. The quote, “Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh…

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