Macbeth : A Tragic Hero Or A Kind Hearted Villain Essay

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The question whether Macbeth is a tragic hero or a kind hearted villain is

apparently a highly debated subject that for some reason has not been decided. Part of the

reason might be that whenever one person decides who they think Macbeth is, someone

else reads this highly debated play and for whatever reason decides that he is the other.

This is understandable, since ultimately, who Macbeth is primarily depends upon the

readers own perspective. My goal in this paper is for the reader to be able to decide for

themselves who Macbeth is and to know my opinion of Macbeth.

A brief overview of the summery of act one sets the setting that should be able to

help any undecided people decide who Macbeth is. The play starts with three sinister

witches foretelling their reunion in a heath in the aftermath of a battle where they would

find Macbeth and mysteriously foretell that he was the thane of Cawdor and that he was

to be the future king of Scotland. This prediction captivates Macbeth and starts him down

the path of dark thoughts about how he might become king. When confronted with the

king, Macbeth doubted that he should act upon his dreadful plot of murdering king

Duncan because he thought that Duncan was a good man and a great monarch.

Sometime during this time Macbeth sends a letter to his wife telling of the

prophetic words spoken by the witches and how the first part of their prediction had

already become true. After…

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