Mac Mindfulness Model, Acknowledgement, Attention, Acceptance, And Action

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1. Acknowledge
Describe your experience Chapter 3 from Tools for Mindful Living clarified the steps of the MAC Mindfulness Model – acknowledgment, attention, acceptance, and action. This chapter not only provided meticulous descriptions of the four steps of the MAC Mindfulness Model, but is also stood as a prodigious learning experience. I go through my life making innate habits, without realizing the steps I acquired to perform those actions, thoughts, or judgments. I remained able to take in this chapter information, and learn how to incorporate these four steps after, or during, an event. With this valued information, I will be able to take the unappreciated simplicities of life and establish their purpose.

2. Intentional Attention
Describe what you noticed
BREATH: When portraying intentional awareness, I tend to take elongated, slow breaths. The amplified time permits my body to center on the task at hand, and focus my attention to the details involved. Without intentional awareness, my breath rests short and shallow, residing as background noise. This decreased depth and time of respiration does not grasp my attention – it goes disregarded.
BODY: While participating in the chapter activities, I apprehended that my body naturally focuses on one task at a time, working to complete one task before altering perceptions. Intentional awareness sanctioned my body to respond in a relaxed, accepting way, despite perceived attitudes. When I am not being mindful, my body tends…

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