MBA Customer Satisfaction in Forex Project Essay

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In this era of globalization, people/company are opareating many countries. But the value of currency of one country differes from another. So the people face various problems to transact from own local currency in the international market. So a service marketer wanted to make it convenient when the transaction is done between different value of currency.

This study has been undertaken to analyze whether the customer who deals with Thirumaal Finance Limited (TFL) for Foreign Exchange services in Chennai City are satisfied with the services provided by TFL or not. In todays market there are many Foreign Exchange service providers, but every customer has some preference to choose a particular Foreign Exchange
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There are two main sources of data:

a) Primary data:
Primary data was collected through Interview schedule Method.

b) Secondary data Secondary data was collected through management books and web sites.

Area of the study:
The study is concerned within the Chennai city.

Tools of analysis: * Percentage analysis method * Weighted average method

1) Percentage analysis: One of the simplest methods of analysis is the percentage method. It is one of the traditional statistical tools. Through the use of percentage, the data are reduced in the standard form with the base equal to 100, which facilitates comparison.
The formula used to compute Percentage analysis is,

Percentage = No of respondents / Total No. of respondents X 100

2) Weighted Average Method: XW = ∑WX / ∑W XW = Weighted Average Method. X = Variable values. W = Weight attached to the variable X.

Period of the Study:
The data was collected from 14th May 2012 to 27th June 2012.

Limitations of the Study:

The respondents may not disclose the right information.

The respondents may give the pleasing answers to me even though it is Not correct from their perspective.

Some respondents may give me the biased answers to the questions.

This study is been limited to the Chennai city only.


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