M3 Explain How the Results from Measuring and Managing Performance Inform Employee Development

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Measuring and managing helps a company to improve quality, retain key employees and be ahead of their competitors. A company can see how well a business is doing by the amount of customers and profits they make. They can compare how well employees work by checking each employee individually to see how much they have produced. Measuring employee development can be done by:
Bench marking
Using standard measurements in a service can be used to compare with other organizations in order to gain perspective on organizational performance. Performance management bring together many of the elements which go to make up the successful practice of people management, including learning and development. We’re used to thinking of ongoing performance
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that can help employees to feel happy, safe and less stress. Making sure that employee don’t feel pressures at work is by giving them to much workload, have then done equally will help both the company and employee. Such as the security guards at hotel since nightshifts are heavier than day shift their work can be part time by having flexible working hours. Businesses have used awards, incentives and recognition schemes to encourage improved performances. Employees will then set out a goal to achieve to receive them incentives. If management can see that an employee is doing well, producing at a high level and is always motivated, they can be promoted. Some employees have a trial period so if they do their outmost best they can get the opportunity to work for the company in long term. This is measuring and managing by the competence that the employee has, like this employers must be prepared to invest in that individual. Like this they can make competence level for the staff and make adjustment to the future training process as necessary.
The employees have an important role in working for a company. They have to work to the best of their ability as the place was like their second home. If an employee has a problem with a situation on the job, it is the company role to be supportive to them. This will increase the loyalty of the staff working in the

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