Essay about M3.14 Managing Conflict in the Workplace

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In week two the atmosphere became quite volatile and the work rate of the staff was definitely affected.

• The causes of conflict at work are identified. •

“Social life is above all a struggle for power and status regardless of the type of structure. An inevitable power differential between groups, and between individuals, produces latent conflict in all social relationships.” ( Source ILM Handout Paul Weller ‘Conflict Emergence’)

There are many causes of conflict both socially and in the workplace, these can include:

▪ Poor Management ▪ Unfair treatment ▪ Unclear job roles • Poor communication ▪ Poor work environment ▪ The personalities involved ▪ Our changing needs and expectations

In the case I encountered at work, I believed the conflict was just a clash of personalities between the two people concerned, however as the conflict evolved there became a deeper meaning to the reasons behind the problem, which moved onto to needs and expectations.

The stages in the development of conflict are described

Conflicts usually pass through several stages from beginning to end. It has become common to describe conflicts as passing through a series of phases, these include:

▪ No conflict ▪ Latent conflict ▪ Emergence ▪ Escalation ▪ (Hurting) Stalemate ▪ De-Escalation ▪ Settlement/Resolution ▪ Post-Conflict Peace building and

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