M2: Assess How Influences on Dietary Intake May Affect the Nutritional Health of Individuals

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Case Studies for M2:
Abir is a young Muslim woman who has recently come to live in Northern Ireland with her new husband. Even though she does not have to wear the traditional dress, Abir comes from a very strong cultural and religious family and she wishes to live her life according to the Koran by wearing the jilbab/abaya, which are the long, loosely-fitted garments worn by Muslim women to cover the shape of their bodies. They are often worn in combination with the hijab or niqab.
Patrick is an elderly gentleman who is an insulin dependent Diabetic. Patrick has been living on his own since his wife died three years ago. However, he has become rather forgetful and has not been adhering to his diet or taking his medication
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Also due to her being a young newlywed she may want to start a family and the concern is not only towards her but the children that she may carry as infants born to vitamin D deficient mothers have been found to suffer from an increased prevalence of seizures. If these children observe the full hijab in childhood, they run the risk of not reaching the height they would have otherwise reached if they were not vitamin D deficient.
Abir being Muslim and very religious this may lead to her eating only Muslim foods, this can affect her diet as it may prevent her from getting Vitamin C that Abir will need for the health and repair of various tissues in the body, including skin, bone, teeth and cartilage, a lack of vitamin C in the diet can lead to scurvy and the symptoms of scurvy include easy bruising, spontaneous bleeding and joint and muscle pains, not getting enough vitamin C in her diet can also affect Abir’s Iron intake, as vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron. Another way that Abir’s religion could affect her diet is that she may not eat meat as she is Muslim and this could cause to a lack of iron, and with her being a newly married young women this could prevent her from getting pregnant as she will not have her monthly cycle and according to http://natural-fertility-info.com/iron-fertility-anemia.html ‘Studies have shown that women who do not get

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