M & M 's Eliminating Artificial Dyes Essay

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In discussions of M&M’s eliminating artificial dyes in their candies, one controversial issue has been that hyperactivity is a problem to sensitive children who eat the candies. On the other hand, sources argue that the chocolates contain petroleum dyes. My own view is that M&MS should eliminate the harmful dyes not only because it creates hyperactivity but because it can affect the child in the long run. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that “more than 1 out of every 10 school-aged child has received a medical diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder!” If one out of every tenth student has hyperactivity, then if there is a room of 100 there will be 10 children who have the disease. The candies are bad for the child’s health and can create just as much distraction to their peers than themselves. Renee Shutters, starter of a change.org petition, with more than 142,000 supporters said that several years ago, she eliminated sweets from her family’s diet, which made a tremendous impact on their young nine-year old son, Trenton. Trenton was a normal toddler who loves chocolates, but being on his best behavior was a rare option to him. “He was having trouble in school, at hockey practice, and at home with tasks as basic as falling asleep. He 'd often have nightmares, and the slightest disappointment would set him off.” stated mother Renee Shutters. Her young son was transformed to a well behaved toddler after removing the petroleum-based dyes from…

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