M & M Ujala Case Study

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Any person, or a group of people, directly or indirectly affected by the happenings in the company or a decision made by the company, is a stakeholder of that particular company. However, not all stakeholders are equal. For example, the decision of M/s Ujala’s company would affect it’s customer differently and creditors differently.
The main responsibility of M/s Ujala is to give the interests of it’s stakeholder at utmost priority. Management must incorporate the corporate social responsibility agendas keeping in mind all the stakeholders and the relationship with them.
The Stakeholders of M/s Ujala would be:
1.Customers (Existing Customers and Potential Customers)
The main stakeholder of any company is it’s customers as there won’t be business
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Providing a reasonable and satisfactory customer support is also accounted as one of the principal duty of a company. Since M/s Ujala is selling TV, refrigerator, mobile phones etc, which could be difficult of access at times, so the customer support provided by the company can help the consumers to easily understand the functionality of the …show more content…
The company is responsible for protecting and increasing the shareholder’s assets.
Open and fair Trade: Pursue Fair and Equitable Procurement Activities
Provide suppliers with fair and equal opportunities globally
- Evaluate and select suppliers in light of quality, cost, delivery time, risk management, technological expertise, and environmental impact
Some buyers take suppliers for granted when it comes to paying invoices. Don't repeat their mistake. Not only do you need to pay for what you buy, you should do so in a timely way. Some suppliers extend you credit to induce purchases. When you get the invoice, you might have a 30- or 60-day turnaround. You often get a modest discount with an even faster payment, the supplier's way of thanking you in cash.

- Welcome proposals from new suppliers, regardless of their size
Partnership: Promote Mutual Growth Based on Mutual Trust
We believe that close communication is essential to building better partnership with suppliers.
We endeavor to promote mutual growth through sound business based on mutual

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