Essay On The Relationship Between Lysander And Hermia

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Cate: Lysander and Helena

Avery: Demetrius and Hermia

Lines 190-345

Lysander: I had to find Helena as quickly as I could because I love her. Why are you looking for me? Do you think I don’t like you anymore?

Hermia: What you are saying must be false.

Helena: Hermia, you are trying to trick me too! You are all trying to play this trick on me. Hermia, why would you do this to me, we have been friends forever! You are like a sister to me! Why do you want to destroy our friendship to hurt me! Everyone will be mad!

Hermia: I did not know that this is how you felt. I was never trying to insult you. It feels like you are insulting me!

Helena: Tell everyone the truth! Didn’t you send Lysander here to mock me, to make fun of my affection towards
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Your threats are no stronger than her whines. Helena, I love you! I swear I do, I will give up my life for you, just to prove this man wrong when he says, I don’t love you.

Demetrius: I love her more than you!

Lysander: If that's what you think than fight a duel with me and prove it.

Demetrius: You are on! Lets duel.

Hermia: Lysander where are you going with all of this?!

Lysander: Hermia, get away you African.

Demetrius: No, no, no, he will act like he is going to break free from you Hermia. Lysander, pretend to follow me but then don’t come you coward!!

Lysander: Hermia, stop clinging to me, you cat you thorn. let go of me, or I’ll shake you off like a snake.

Hermia: When did you get so rude? What has happened to you my dear Lysander?

Lysander: Your dear? Get out you dark-skinned gypsy, you horrible person! Get out!

Hermia: Are you kidding? Stop playing around.

Helena: Of course he is, and I know that you are too.

Lysander: Demetrius, as promised I am ready to fight you!

Demetrius: I wish there was a legal contract to prove it. I can see you aren’t one to keep promises. I don’t trust
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What happened to you? Why must you hate me? Am I not Hermia and you not Lysander? My beauty hasn’t changed. When we went to sleep you still loved me but when I woke up you had left me.

Lysander: Exactly, I left you. I never want to see you again so don’t get your hopes up and please leave me alone. I have stated it out for you. I love Helena, and not you!

Hermia: Oh no Helena! You trickster, better yet you snake or you THIEF! What, did you sneak in last night and steal my love's heart from him?

Helena: Haha, so funny. You should be ashamed of yourself! You’re going to make me mad enough to answer you? Curse you, you faker, you puppet.

Hermia: Puppet? Why a puppet? Oh I see where you are taking this. You are talking about our difference in height. Does he have such a high opinion of you because I am short? Is that is? So how short am I you giraffe? Seriously. How short am I? I’m not too short to gouge your eyes out with my finger nails.

Helena: Gentlemen, please whatever happens do not let her hurt me, I won’t be bothered by your teasing anymore. I was never any good at insulting. I’m not a mean and catty like her. I am a nice shy girl. Please do not let her hit me. Maybe you think that because she is shorter than me that I can take

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