Ancient Greek Culture And Society: The Origins Of Poetry

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Assignment IV Ancient Greek culture and society is where the origins of poetry have been traced back to. This is because ancient Greeks are the ones who created the word poetry in the first place. In the original Greek language he word for poetry is Poieo and which translates to the phrase “I create” ( There are numerous different categories into which Poetry can be defined, but this assignment will take a look specifically at lyrical poetry. Poetry was traditionally passed down as many things were in ancient times –through oral tradition. When one typically thinks of poetry, one thinks of romantic poems or Edger Allen Poe, one does not typically think of the songs as poetry. Unbeknownst to people, lyric poetry is a major part of the poetic community. …show more content…
643). This alteration to lyric’s definition is a major part of why lyric poetry is not commonly known or maybe even confused with being words to a song. Poetry, itself, has changed a lot since poets first began to write poetry and these changes do not exclude lyrical poetry. The textbook mentions that “ever since the invention of the printing press…poets have written less often for singers, more often for the readers.” (pg. 644) Interestingly enough, this changes, where poets write more for their readers, helped aid in its own downfall. There is something wonderful and mysterious when a poet write poems for themselves and not anyone else. It creates this intimacy and depth that just is not created (as much, there are exceptions) when poets write poems for people other than themselves. Often times when these poems are written they touch more than just the author’s life. When I first heard of lyric poetry, I immediately thought to the Bible and to King David. Psalms and Proverbs are plumb full of beautiful poetry David

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