Lyndon Johnson 's The Oval Office Essay

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Johnson in the Oval Office Lyndon Johnson took the oath as vice president on January 20, 1961 (Bornet, P. 1). In office, he served as a subordinate to President Kennedy. Johnson served as liaison with America’s space effort and also served as chairman of the President’s Committee on Equal Opportunity (Bornet, P. 1). He also made short visits for President Kennedy to thirty-three countries to give speeches on behalf of the president (Bornet, P. 1). However, the key powers reside with President Kennedy. Also, Johnson created an administration of staff while in the oval office. “His staff consisted of 250 workers in the White House offices and 1, 350 in the executive offices” (Bornet, P. 25). Moreover, “there were three categories of his staff, first, those who had been with Kennedy in the White House” (Bornet, P. 25). Secondly, the existing cabinet and administrative members who were already there. Thirdly, it was new members that were brought in by the current president. Lastly, “The inherited member was Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense, and Robert Kennedy, Attorney General of the Kennedy Administration” (Bornet, P. 26).
John F. Kennedy Assassination On November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas while riding in a motorcade (Peters, P. 74). President Kennedy’s assassination was captured on television. Moreover, the 1960s was a new era of media and technology for the presidency. For instance, Dan Rather, CBS…

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