Lyndon B Johnson 's Presidency Essay

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Lyndon B Johnson’s Presidency On November 22, 1963, Lyndon Baines Johnson is sworn in as President. It is a mere few hours after the former President Kennedy was assassinated. The man did not want to become President. President Kennedy always left him out in the dark on important events so when he was being sworn in he learned of several things happening around the world. He would use the JFK assassination as a helping hand to get bills passed through Congress. “Lyndon Baines Johnson was an asshole.” He scared people into giving him what he wanted by screaming and shouting at them. His presidency would be the last of the “Progressive Era” type. President LBJ inherited a nation that felt under attack from the USSR and mourning at the same time. President Johnson had massive objectives from him and the United States while he was in office. The first objective he has was his “Great Society.” His plan for that was to continue FDR’s New Deal programs and expand them even more. Wanted to create a society that did not have troubles and looked at this to help win over the country. Another objective of his was civil rights. He formed an alliance with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. it was in response to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Congress had no intention of passing this bill thanks to the filibustering of Strom Thurmond. He sat there and read the phone book. The filibustering lasted 57 days when Congress decided to make a compromise bill. This was a huge step agreement because…

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