Lyndon B. Johnson 's Life Essay

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Lyndon B. Johnson, also known as “LBJ”, was born in Stonewall, Texas on August 27, 1908. Even from an early age, family and friends claimed he was born a politician, which Lyndon Johnson proved time and time again. He was a very charming and bright child, though he had a bit of a rebellious streak. He finished high school at fifteen, claiming he didn’t want to go to college, but he changed his tune a few years later and went to college for his teaching degree. After his course, he taught at a middle school with underprivileged Mexican American children, whose poverty and hardships stuck with him long after the job. “Johnson later said, ‘I was determined to help those little kids. I saw hunger in their eyes and pain in their bodies… I was determined to give them what they needed to make it in this world, to help finish their education.’” (Schuman, 25). After a year, he went back to school to get a full bachelor’s degree. It was during this time before he finished college that he gave a speech at a rally for a local politician, Pat Neff, who also helped Johnson’s father get a job. His speech impressed Welly Hopkins who was running in the Democratic primary for state senate. Hopkins asked Johnson to be his campaign manager, and Johnson lead him to victory. This election was really the eye opening moment to the beginning of Lyndon Johnson political career.
He became a debate teacher for a few months before Welly Hopkins recommended that Lyndon Johnson be Richard Kleberg’s…

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