Lyndon B Johnson Character Analysis

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The misunderstanding of ideas and actions of one man caused his greatest changes in American history be missed although they helped the society. The United States history has been affected by each of its president’s actions and decisions. President Lyndon B. Johnson created opportunities for American society that even in today’s time those opportunities are affecting the population that has helped America and the people. The opportunities given by the LBJ affected all the people in America society with the ideas that he had to make America great. However, all the things that LBJ did for the people were forgotten by the people because of war, but even in war, LBJ continued to work with the people in America that needed help. The actions of president …show more content…
The exhibits of LBJ about his recording and humor display more about his personality as the president of the united states. As I continue seeing more of his exhibits I began to understand why this president is important to know in the social work field. He has become a person that inspires me by his personality and actions as a human that wanted to change. LBJ was a kind person that only wanted to help America, but he was also a harsh person to make his goals realistic. He used emotions to influence other people to agree and support his ideals and goals for the society of America. His actions motived me to continue my education in the college of social work to implement changes in today’s world and society. LBJ personality help to create policies during his time as president because he wanted to make a Great America Society. His goal of a Great America Society was based on equal opportunities for all the people of America like voting and civil rights. He wanted people to understand each other in able to have a better future that every had the same opportunities and rights. All the acts passed by him were so influential and many of them, I did not realize he had passed. Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed under president Lyndon B. Johnson and many other laws passed by him and are very influential today. He truly cared about social reform and worked with the top leaders to make sure these changes were carried out. Not only the laws that he passed display his personality but also the pictures that there are of him. The exhibits in level 10 amazed me with that most of the president were with other people. The photos give the feelings that he cared for the people and it surpris me that a president have such connection with them. He was a man of action and made so many positive social

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