Essay on Lynching : A Cruel Form Of Punishment

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Lynching’s were publicly announced, tickets sold, picnics packed, and people dressed up and traveled long distances for the occasion. Hangings, burnings, and dismemberments goes back to slavery. “Although the practice declined after the 1930s, several high-profile lynching’s took place during the civil rights era of the 1950s and 1960s” . Lynching’s are considered as a cruel form of punishment, were used for not only vicious crimes, but also for minor crimes or for no reason at all. Hine emphasizes that “Black people were murdered, beaten, and mutilated for trivial reasons” . This cruel practice tortured many southern blacks, they were terrorized and murdered in front of spectators, clergymen, and business leaders for minor aggrievances, such as bumping into a white woman or not using the appropriate title when addressing a white person. “Between 1889 and 1932, 3,745 people were lynched in the United States” . The practice of lynching grew as a response to racial fears and hatred motivated by Southern whites who felt that former slaves were granted independence and privileges that were believed to be unjust.
Lynching’s were originally a practice used as a punishment for slaves in the South, and were not common. The punishment tactics used on slaves were up to the master or the master’s agent. Any form of punishment that the master decided to use, was to show their power and to instill fear into the other slaves. “After emancipation, despite the efforts of the Thirteenth,…

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