Analysis Of Equality Of Treatment: Ability Grouping Or Diversity Of Deficit

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EN4017 2014

From the perspective of your school placement discuss the findings lynch and lodge (2002) in relation to either ‘’equality of treatment’’ or the ‘’ diversity of deficit’’.

Equality of treatment: Ability Grouping or
Diversity deficit (any ONE aspect) a. Sexual orientation b. Travellers C. Racial minorities OR other diversity issue.

You must support your arguments with evidence from your school placement experience and the reading list for this module.

From my study of lynch and lodge (2002) it has come to my attention that when studying grouping in schools that its is important to focus on the ‘’ability’’ of students. In traditional Ireland students ability to recite knowledge is often used as evidence to determine student ability and represents a students intelligence levels quite rigidly. Across much of the world with the exemption of new apitudes tests for such as the GAMSTAT to gauge peoples collective intelligence the standardised test to determine peoples collective intelligence is the IQ test. Despite this research by Developmental psychologists such as Howard
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The school in question is clearly not exam orientated for non-exam years contrasting with Lynch and lodges (2002) findings. This indicates the schools wants to develop the students collective intelligences on a broader scale which would be more in sync with Gardeners theory of multiple intelligences. ‘’We are conscious that the traditional interpretation of what constitutes an intelligent human being has often been too narrow and has sometimes been interpreted in strictly cognitive terms, ignoring other critical elements of intelligent human behaviour whether of a social, emotional, psychomotor, moral or physical nature. In providing a balanced curriculum, we aim to redress that traditional

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