Lyn Lifshin: An Analysis Of The Nuremberg Law

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In today’s assignment I read about the Nuremberg Laws and poems by Lyn Lifshin, Judy Cohen, and Ursula Duba about surviving the Holocaustas well as a letter by Elsa Klauber. In the Nuremberg Laws websites, I read about The Reich Citizenship Law and the law of Protection of German Blood and German Honor. The Reich Citizenship Law was basically a law to divide citizens by either "Reich citizens” or “nationals”. In the first article of the law it said that any person who was apart of the German Reich had specific obligations towards the Reich. In the second article it stated, “A citizen of the Reich is that subject only who is of German or kindred blood and who, through his conduct, shows that he is both desirous and fit to serve the German people and Reich faithfully” …show more content…
Here the Germans said that citizens who were from the Reich had to be entirely German and pure, but also have the ambitions to serve the nation. The law of Protection of German Blood and German Honor was basically the Germans stating a whole bunch of things that Jews and citizens of German blood can’t have or do and if they do commit one of the things they aren’t allowed to do then they will have punishments which are stated in Section 5 of the law.
In the poem For me the Holocaust started in 33 in a small village by Lyn Lifshin, it told a story about Lyn when she was in school being hit by the teacher because she was a Jew. She also said the student who she thought were her friends started laughing at her. In the second poem, called In Auschwitz-Birkenau by Judy Cohen, I learned a lot about of the Holocaust with so little information. I could imagine what it was like being there and just being able to smell what Cohen describes it as. This poem is really good, I really liked it. The most impacting line was when Cohen said “a few minutes, to tell you about five gas chambers that could and did kill thousands per day” (Cohen). Just thinking about how it actually happened

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