Lylipad Case Essay

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Lilypad- the corporate brand: help or hindrance ? 1. Situation for Lilypad :
Lilypad manages 12 hotels and resorts. These hotels are iconic properties located in beautiful areas.
Each of these boutiques has to deal with the management of the customers, and each hotel is quiet independent in order to take some decisions.

The issue is that when a cutomer goes in one Lilypad Hotel, he usually doesn’t go and visit another Lilypad’s Hotel. That’s mean there is a very bad customer loyalty.
Andre doesn’t have found the right balance between the corporate brand and the properties.

In order to solve this problem, Andre Cleary thinks about positioning the hotels under one corporate brand. He thinks that with this strategy,
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The idea to create common objects is evident. However, it requires caution. For instance, if they create Lilypad’s bathrobes, they don’t have to be made in China, because it would decredibilize this premium brand and detract the customer experience. Although putting Lilypad’s name on towel or other still influence consumer behaviour.
Then, Lilypad will share its public relation between its properties, in this way, they will benefit of strong relationship with the press.
In addition, with this strategy, the properties will can offer common services and buy supplies in bulk. They will be linked to Lilypad’s Hotel and Resort. For example, this connection will can be made with Internet, Lilypad website has to promote all of the properties and provide information and events. The brand will have to opportunity to create a community with the Social Networks.
However, in order to use this strategy, it is crucial to clarify what the brand represents in order to be coherent in construction of the corporate brand identity.
The clarity is something which is crucial in these situations. We have seen that the marketing approach of each property works for the moment, however, if a corporate brand is created, it is important to create a clear corporate brand strategy. It will be important to clearly set up the brand and keep its promise.
We also have to underline

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