Lying Is A Basic Moral Wrong Essay

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There is no such thing as a completely honest person, yet we continue to berate those who lie even when guilty of doing so ourselves. Why do we do this? The answer is simple; most of us, if not all, are taught from a young age that lying is a basic moral wrong because it causes harm to others. We are also taught to always be honest. However, the real definition of what a lie is and what the truth is, never state that hurt is a definite outcome of one or the other. We merely associate lies with harm; ironically, because the truth is most of the time lying does cause damage. Still, it is unreasonable to associate all lies with causing harm. Likewise, we cannot say telling the truth always brings out the good. For instance, if you do not like the outfit your mother is wearing and she asks for your opinion, you can either be honest and hurt her feelings or lie so she can maintain her confidence. In this case, dishonesty and honesty have switched roles and now have the opposite outcome. Thus, suggesting that lying is not always a negative matter and telling the truth does not always bring positive outcomes. When it comes down to whether you should always be honest, I believe it is not worth telling the truth if it causes harm.
Furthermore, if lying is what has to be done to protect someone, it should not be seen as wrong. To protect someone you must have their best interest at heart. Telling the truth will not always give you that interest and that is when being dishonest is…

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