Lying And Lying By Sam Harris Essay

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Lying by Sam Harris does a fantastic job at giving a quick basis as why not to lie and the toll it takes one’s self. To begin, it may be of note to mention that I am a former chronic liar. I used to lie about just about anything. From the mundane to serious matters, I had no conscience about lying and found myself telling lies more than truth. With this personal understanding of lying and its effects, I hope to shed some light on inner-workings of a liar.

Regarding the text, it is essential to differentiate between Harris’s view of lying and his former professor, Ronald Howard. Harris takes a more pragmatic view and applies the ethics of lying to everyday situations. Harris is more comfortable answering questions like, “What should we tell our children about Santa?” (Harris 73) than situations like, “The Nazis are at the door, you’ve got Anne Frank hiding in the attic.” (Harris 45) Will most people be asked to lie in a matter of life or death? Probably not. Instead, most of Harris’s arguments involve day to day, commonplace lying that people have become accustomed to. While extreme lies may be interesting to consider and ponder, the average person will never dream of even being able to give such extreme lies. Starting at the most basic lie, we can see why Harris makes the basic to avoid lying. White lies or lies that have little to no effect on the future can seem tempting to make. They may make you seem more interesting, or maybe you use them to get out of a jam. No one…

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