Luxury Goods Market in China Essay

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History of Louis Vuitton------------------------------------------------------------------------2

Market trends-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

Marketing Strategy-------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

Marketing Objectives----------------------------------------------------------------------------6

Marketing Mix------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Product Price Place Promotion

Market Analysis The Luxury Market In
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The signature brown leather logo style is considered to the first designer label brand in modern history. In 1896 this design was credited by the son of Vuitton, Georges and original was used to avoid counterfeiting. As it turns out the Louis Vuitton brand is the most counterfeited brand in history.The LV company uses great marketing skill by using high profile models and actors to use in their campaigns. The Louis Vuitton company uses print ads in high fashion magazines, along with billboards in prominent cities.The bag usually called, "the it bag" has been seen on many celebrities from A-Listers to wannabes. The high gloss magazines you buy in your favorite store will have all of these people toting the most desirable of them all. The wealthy along with the celebrities have made this brand one of the most popular in all the world along side such brands as Hermes, Gucci, Prada and Fendi.

LV is at the high end of the leather and fashion goods market. However, it does not qualify for being at the top of the luxury market. Its leading position of being the first luxury global brand is also due to its not so high exclusivity and scarcity of its products. It has a well balanced marketing mix which is to be recognised as a luxury brand with the quality, its style, and its unique prestige accompanying it. It should be noted in this regard that it has not been over elitist in nature. This is mainly due to the fact that it needs to remain ’accessible’

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