Luther Movie Critique

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As I watched the film Luther, I realized that the film displayed a historically accurate representation of Martin Luther and the Reformation of the Catholic Church. The first scene of the movie opened upon the church with an archway at the end of the nave lined with Corinthian columns. Also at the end of the nave was an altar and apse, typically scene in many church layouts of the time period, not to mention the church had stained glass rose windows and statues of several saints with in the worship space. The opening music that played, while looking upon the church was sung in a polyphonic style and without instruments, or a cappella. Later in the movie, the church music that played had some instrumental flutes involved, but was mainly the …show more content…
When the sales of indulgences had begun, this propagated Luther’s outrage and explains his preaching about why this practice was wrong. His teachings at Wittenburg University sparked some attention for the higher professors, yet continued because he knew that God would believe this was not the way to repent sins. When he was not being heard, and wanted the people to hear the “truth” about the church he posted the 95 Thesis on the church’s doors. Martin Luther also had a trial with Charles V, the emperor at the time, when they attempted to have him revoke his thesis. All of these events have been documented as the historical events in the textbooks. While watching the film, I did not realize that the instance Martin Luther joined the brothers in the monastery he could not handle what was actually occurring within the religious walls. He always was doing chores to cleanse his unnecessary sins, and he was in constant fear. Luther knew deep within that something was morally wrong with in the Catholic Church that needed to be changed, and he suffered this way for many years. This movie was insightful to be able to see the struggle Martin went through to push for the much needed

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