Lusanna's Case Analysis

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Lusanna was the daughter of a craftsman named Benedetto di Girolamo, and the widow of Andrea di Antonio Nucci a linen cloth manufacturer. Lusanna's procurator affirmed to the court that after the death of Andrea, Lusanna had married Giovanni della Casa, a wealthy merchant and the heir of a prominent Florentine family. Giovanni inhabited a very different world. His family belonged to the upper class of Florentine society. Even though disputes over the legality of marriages were not uncommon in the Italian church, this case was highly unusual. The debate focused primarily on the question whether Giovanni and Lusanna had legally married. Based on the witnesses testimony and the procurators compelling arguments, Lusanna's account is more authentic and accurate than Giovanni's account.
Lusanna's procurator Messer Stefano di Francesco, submitted to the court a document containing fifteen chapters portraying Lusanna's
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The witnesses were in agreement about the events that had occurred from the moment that Fra Felice arrived until the hosts and guests went to bed. In Florence Giovani and Lusanna kept their marriage a secret. But while outside the city walls, they felt emancipated from the constraints of their hidden relationship. One witness Antonio Tronchi stated, "He saw Lusanna go to meet Giovanni and take his hand and greet him joyfully, and Giovanni responded in a like manner to her" (page 22). When Lusanna was unable to remove her wedding ring Giovanni insisted that she wear it. Lusanna was bewildered by Giovanni's response and reminded him that he did not wish to appear in public as married. Giovanni replied, "It is well that it [our marriage] be known"(page 25). When Lusanna discovered that Giovanni had married Marietta, whose family was the most prominent and renowned in the city. Lusanna had to file a petition to the authorities to defend her marital status with

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