Lupus Environmental Issues

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The issue that I chose to research and address based on human health was Lupus. People are constantly questioning the causes and effects of Lupus. Seeing if there is a connection between Lupus and the environment is one that many have researched and tested on. “Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic disease of unclear etiology, characterized by an overactive immune system and the production of antibodies that may target normal tissues of many organ systems, including the kidneys. It can arise at any age and occurs mainly in women” (Bernatsky, Fournier, Pineau, Clarke, Vinet & Smariassi, 2011pg 45). Luckily I received the opportunity to dig a little bit deeper into the topic of Lupus by volunteer with the Caribbean Student Association …show more content…
In many agricultural regions, genetically modifying the seeds of crops has become a popular and extremely lucrative path within the industry. This new breakthrough in science has helped farmers grow crops at a more abundant and plentiful rate but in many cases may also have been the culprit for adverse effects on not only the animals that consume these GM seeds but on the people who feed off of the animals. Organizations such as The Environmental Working Group have found a large number of connections between GMO’s and intestinal damage. The reason for GM’s crops is diverse but simple; it gives farmers the freedom to use more herbicides on the crops without the crops killing themselves. The main reason why the link between GMO’s and auto immune diseases such as lupus is such a concern is due to the fact that continuous exposure to toxins and pesticides is one of the main components to triggering an autoimmune disease. GM crops were engineered to produce their own insecticide, which in return kills insects by destroying their digestive tracts. The toxic chemicals used in these crops to enhance their life span has been proven to be harmful to humans’ intestines and can cause what is known as leaky gut. Leaky gut is yet another precursor to an autoimmune disease. Your stomach is lined with good bacteria and bad bacteria and these chemicals used to extend and protect the life of the crops attack the good bacteria in the intestine of humans which in return helps with digestion while leaving the highly resistant bad bacteria unharmed. There are many unanswered factor to the cause of Lupus but it is clear that the diet that is fed to animals effects not only the animal and its environment but the inhabitants who consume the animals as

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