Lung Cancer Of Elderly Individuals Essays

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Lung Cancer in Elderly Individuals The risk factor for elderly individuals increases as they continue to get older and continue their bad habits that can cause them to have lung cancer. Smoking can be responsible for a lung cancer cause, and also the exposure to asbestos can be a risk for this horrible disease. Lung cancer is known for killing both men and women. It is a proven fact that lung cancer is the number one in killing the most individuals then the other types of cancers. Lung cancer is the most common cancer found in individual’s world wide. They continue to find new types of this disease every sing day. Elderly patients that come in contact with this disease are excluded from a lot of the treatments that are given, because they are getting older, and the older they get the bigger the risk factor gets of what they can and can not do. Age remains one of the predictive factors for postoperative morbidity and morality after lung cancer surgery (Management of Lung Cancer in the Elderly). So these individuals have to be careful than usual. The treatments that these patients are given are determined by very close and careful examinations from a professional. It is easier to treat this illness when it is caught at an early stage, rather then it being caught later. Most people that become diagnosed with this type of cancer are over sixty-five years old. Older men and women experience pain a lot different than the younger individuals. Doctors have to take extra…

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